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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - National Contact Point

Name: Ms Youping Han

Senior Information Officer

Address: CILT, the National Centre for Languages
CfBT Education Trust
60 Queens Road
Reading, RG1 4BS
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)118 902 1049
Fax: +44 (0)118 902 1434




CILT, the National Centre for Languages, works to convince people of all ages, at all levels, and in all walks of life of the benefits of learning and using more than one language.
CILT is the Contact Point for all four parts of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each of which has its own education system. CILT UK therefore operates in partnership with CILT Cymru , Northern Ireland CILT and Scottish CILT , on language education projects across the UK.

Educational Systems of the United Kingdom

The ministry of education for England is called the Department for Education . A separate department, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has responsibility for higher education and for further education and skills. Two important government agencies which currently work with the DfE are the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) and the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA).

The Department of Education is responsible for the central administration of all aspects of education and related services in Northern Ireland - excepting the higher and further education sector, responsibility for which is within the remit of the Department for Employment and Learning. The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment is a non-departmental public body reporting to the Department of Education.  It is a unique educational body in the context of the UK, bringing together the three areas of curriculum, examinations and assessment.

In Scotland, the Scottish Government has responsibility for education and training. The Learning Directorate supports all national aspects of schools policy, working with Local Government in line with the agreed Concordat.  Schools are supported in delivering Curriculum for Excellence by Learning and Teaching Scotland. The Directorate for Lifelong Learning is responsible for policy on all aspects of learning that take place after leaving school.  SQA is the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland.

The Welsh Assembly Government looks after education and skills in Wales.



ECML fact sheets

ECML fact sheets: they present the mission and the structure of the ECML, the Centre's programme of activities 2008-2011, its publication series, the services provided and how to benefit from its activities.
Language versions: English and other languages of the ECML member states


Other resources

European Language Portfolio

  • 8.2001-United Kingdom - Model for children
  • 9.2001-United Kingdom - Model for adults (with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on the learner of languages for vocational purposes)
  • 70.2006-United Kingdom - Model for junior learners
Links into Languages
Links into Languages is a government-funded network of regional centres for the community of language educators in England, delivering professional development courses, support for networking and sharing of good practice as well as the latest information, advice and resources.



UK: Study of ECML workshop participants carried out in March 2011

The UK’s National Centre for Languages, CILT, carried out an online survey on the benefits of participating at an ECML workshop and on the wider benefit of UK involvement in the ECML. The respondents to the survey represented national organisations, senior lecturers, teacher trainers and directors of university languages centres, all well-placed to influence and disseminate ECML work. The following sample response highlights the added value of ECML cooperation: “Our (UK) engagement with the ECML and other bodies represents a belief that languages are an invaluable part of our shared intellectual and cultural heritage.  Sharing these intellectual benefits undoubtedly contributes to our economic benefit.”

•    Results of the survey (in English, PDF)


Annual activity reports of the National Contact Point (open access)

The annual activity reports of the National Contact Points for the ECML provide a summary of the activities organised in order to promote the Centre's work within its member states through national networks working in the field of language education. The reports focus in particular on the activities organised, the target audiences, and the results achieved. The following reports are open access.
Activity report 2007 (pdf in English)

The UK and the Council of Europe

The United Kingdom and the Council of Europe in brief

To select the page dedicated to The United Kingdom either click on the map or display the list of countries and select 'The United Kingdom'.

Available in English - French - GermanItalian - Macedonian - Russian - Slovene - Turkish - Ukrainian


National relay for the European Day of Languages

The function of a national EDL Relay is to act as a multiplier for organisations, schools and associations, circulating:

  • information communicated by the Council of Europe (for example the press release of the Council on the Day, which the Relays are invited to translate into national/local languages, updates on the website);

  • promotional materials - posters, stickers etc. provided by the Council of Europe every year in significant quantities for event organisers.

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